Worship Service for July 9, 2023

Today we are challenged, challenged as to what God requires of us as his followers. In our scripture today, we look to the example of Abraham and his abundant trust in our Lord to provide. It is here with Abraham that we stand, living our lives with the hope of Christ and a willingness to … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for June 18th

This week we look at an Old Testament scripture from the Book of Genesis. Through the Story of Abraham and Sarah, we are reminded that nothing is impossible for God, and when God calls on us, we are to respond extravagantly.

Virtual Service for May 21st

Today, we are challenged by Jesus Christ.  We are reminded that He loves us unexpectedly and beyond measure, and he expects us to do the same for all people.  We accept that to be Christians we need to love dangerously, and that means never losing our empathy or our ability to see one another as … [Read more…]

Virtual-Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day, and we celebrate that in this world, that tries to bring us down, we have our Lord and Savior who gives us a response to the world… A response of triumphant hope! We are blessed because we are able to share the hope our Risen Christ in a world that … [Read more…]