Virtual Service for December 11th

Today, on the Third Sunday of Advent, we focus on an often-overlooked character in our Advent Story.  We look at the way that Joseph responded to chaotic circumstances beyond his control.  He made the loving and faithful choice, and we are reminded that we should do the same.  We also celebrate that God made the … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for December 4th

Today, on the Second Sunday of Advent, we continue to prepare our hearts and our minds for more than just a commemoration of the Birth of Jesus, we prepare also for the coming of something new, a new and glorious age that is yet to be completed.

Virtual Service for November 27th

Today, we begin the Holy Season of Advent, a time of preparation and anticipation.  We remember that Advent is a celebration of the Birth of Christ, something that happened long ago, but it is something more.  It is a reminder that something new is coming, on God’s time, and in ways that we cannot expect.