Virtual Service for March 21st

This week, as we near the end of our Lenten journey, we are reminded that we are not limited because we have accepted Christ as our Lord and savior. Instead, we are granted access to a love greater than we could ever understand. We remember that we need to show that love to the world … [Read more…]

March 7th Virtual Service

We as a family of Christ are continuing our Lenten Journey. This is a time for reflection, and it is a time for us to look deeply into our own hearts, and truly reckon with our own sins. But today, we will ponder another, equally challenging question. How is your faith these days? Let us … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for February 28th

Today, we continue our Lenten journey together. We are reminded, through the example of God’s Covenant with Abraham and Sarah, that God always keeps His promises, and through the Gift of His Son Jesus Christ, He has promised to love us and guide us forward.

Virtual Service for February 21st

This is our first Sunday during the Holy Season of Lent, the time in our church calendar where we as Christians examine our hearts and confess and atone for our sins.  In today’s service we look at God’s first covenant, His covenant with Noah, and are reminded that God is with us always and that … [Read more…]

Virtual Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, the holy Christian season of preparation, fasting, self-denial, repentance, confession, and putting our spiritual house in order. Please join us as we begin our Lenten journey and prepare for the glory of Easter.

Virtual Service for February 14th

As a reminder, our doors are open for in-person worship at 11AM. If you are unable to attend, we will continue to post our in-person services right here. Today we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday, the day when we celebrate Jesus revealing Himself to the Disciples in all of His Glory, as completely different than He was … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for February 7th

We will be worshiping in person on February 7th. However, I wanted to include everyone in our congregation, including those who are not able to attend our in-person services right now. A virtual service is posted here in addition to our in-person service. In today’s worship service, we are challenged by the example of Jesus. … [Read more…]