Virtual Service for March 5th

Today, we continue our Lenten Journey.  Last week, we accepted the foundation of our travels, that we are all sinners.  This week, we recognize that Lent is not simply forty days set aside from the rest of our faith travels.  Like the journey of Abram to the Promised Land, our journey is rooted in previous … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for February 26th

Today, we begin our Lenten journey to the cross and the glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In our message today, we set the foundation for that journey.  We accept that we are all sinners.  Period.  And we all need to get right during this holy season.

Virtual Service for February 19th

Today, we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday, a moment where we are reminded of the true glory of our Lord and the awe that we should feel every time we come to worship Him.  We also look at change in our own lives, and how when God changes us, it can be difficult and uncomfortable, but the … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for February 12th

Today, we continue to examine Jesus’s teaching in the Sermon on the Mount.  We hear some challenging words from Jesus Christ.  We are reminded that Jesus has expectations that we are to follow when we devote ourselves to Him.  We search our hearts, and we accept that living a life that is in the footsteps … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for January 22nd

In our scripture today, we wrestle with difficult words from the Apostle Paul.  Through his challenging letter to the troubled church at Corinth, we are reminded that as Christians, we are one in Christ, we belong to Him, and we need to treat others in our world with love and understanding.