Virtual Service for April 30th

Today, we continue to celebrate the glory of Easter.  On this fourth Sunday of the Easter Season, we celebrate that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  We rejoice that He leads us in His footsteps and He protects us from the powers of sin and evil in this world.

Virtual Service for April 23rd

Today, we continue to celebrate the glory of Easter.  We are reminded that as Christians, we are always planting seeds, seeds that we hope will bring others into the Kingdom.  And though we don’t always see the results of our work, we pray that the Spirit will continue to work in the hearts of all … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for April 16th

Today, we continue to celebrate the glory of Easter.  We accept that it can be hard to live a Christian life in our troubled world, but we remember that the New Life that we are offered through the Glory of Easter is so much greater than any troubles that we could face on this earth.  … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for April 9th, Easter Sunday

It happened! Jesus was absolutely right!  Christ is risen! It was as he said it would be!  Darkness is gone! Brightness reigns! God’s love has poured over us, bringing us joy and hope! We are free from fear and doubt!  We are free to celebrate and dance, and shout the Good News “Christ is Risen!”

Virtual Service for March 26th

In our service this week, we look at the amazing ways that God can change us. He can breathe new life into our dry bones and he can call us out of the tombs of sin and despair that we have created for ourselves. We serve an awesome God!

Virtual Service for March 19th

Today, we continue our Lenten journey.  The pace to the cross quickens, the path to the empty tomb is becoming clearer.  Today, we examine what happens when we really do reorient our hearts and our lives towards a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom. We seek ways that we can share the glory … [Read more…]

Virtual Service for March 12th

Today, we near the midpoint of our Lenten travels.  You will be challenged to continue to do the hard work of Lent.  We are reminded that as Christians, we do not get a pass for our sins just because we live in a sin-filled world.  We need to continue to grow closer to Jesus Christ … [Read more…]