Virtual Service for July 25th

Today, with Sheena leading a good portion of the service, we look at a challenging scriipture lesson, and we look at a cautionary tale of what happens when we fall out of love with God. I apologize for the late upload. Unfortunately, we had an internet outage yesterday. – Pastor John

Meed’s UMC Virtual Service 6-20

Today we celebrate Father’s Day, but at the same time we acknowledge the sometimes conflicting emotions that come with the holiday. And in our sermon, we examine exactly what it is about King David’s heart that led him to be chosen by God and how we can emulate those traits.

Trinity Sunday, May 30th

Today, we celebrate Trinity Sunday and for the second week in a row we focus on the least talked about part of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Last week, we saw the Holy Spirit appearing to the Disciples like fire. Today, we are reminded that we can also simply feel it and see its … [Read more…]