Virtual Service for January 24th

Good news.  We will be reopening our church doors on February 7th.  All are welcome at our 11AM worship service.  We will be continuing our virtual services for those who are unable to join with us in-person.  Today, we look at God’s two calls to Jonah and his two very different responses, and we look at how God is calling to each of us today and always.  


Greetings of Grace and Peace:

Call to Worship:

God called to Jonah to get up, go to Nineveh and proclaim God’s word.
But Jonah refused, until God called a second time.

God is persistent. God believes in those whom God has called.
Jesus called the disciples by the lakeshore

They left their families and jobs to follow Jesus.
Lord, give us the courage to follow you all of our lives. AMEN.

Opening Prayer:

Holy One, God of all Creation, you call us to be your people, to carry your vision in this time and place, to go where you send us to help welcome your amazing good news. As we gather in the presence of the risen Christ to spread the news that your realm is near, fill us with your Holy Spirit, O God of all Creation. Fill us with your glorious Spirit, that we may share your good news with a world in need.  Amen.

Songs of Praise: 

Prayer of Confession: 

God, you call us and sometimes, we duck under the table hoping you didn’t notice us when you walked into the room.  You call us and sometimes we grab a stapler and a stack of papers trying to look too busy to be bothered at the moment. You call us and sometimes we just say, “No!”  We know that we aren’t expected to do everything but we often forget that you call us to be ourselves in the places where our very self is what is most needed. So give us the grace to say “Yes” to your call even now as we offer our silent confessions.

Old Testament Lesson:  Jonah 3:  1-5, 10

Gospel Reading:  Mark 1:14-20

Call to Offering: 

Message:  The Secret to a Happy Ending

Another Thought on Today’s Scripture:

Pastoral Prayer: 

Change the World*

Dismissal with Blessing:

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