Virtual Worship Service for January 17th

Today, we look at what it means to be called, and how God has reached out to saints in the past, and how he is reaching out to us today.  We celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, knowing that He is with us always, even in these difficult times.  Be well Saints of Christ.

January 17th, 2021

Second Sunday after Epiphany

May We Be One:*


Greetings of Grace and Peace:

Call to Worship:

Jesus comes along side us and calls us by name:
“He calls my name, and says follow me.”

A simple call. A hard call.
Because following requires leaving.
And we look around to see who else Jesus could be talking to.
And we look around to see the trappings of the life we know.

It’s hard to leave our nets and walk away from the lake.
But we have come this far, to this place, where we can listen and be transformed.

Opening Prayer:

O God, you call to us today, just as you called to the boy Samuel so long ago. Gathered in our homes today, we are many different ages, but we pray for the maturity of faith to hear your call and respond to your Word.  Open our ears and our hearts as we worship, as we work, and as we care for one another. We ask that you would give us courage and integrity to answer your call with the heart-felt words, “Here I am!” Amen.

Songs of Praise: 

Prayer of Confession: 

Awesome God, you have made all of creation and each cell of our bodies. You know our thoughts and you know our sins. We desperately try to hide our mistakes, our weaknesses, our embarrassments. But you know it all, and so we come before you now asking for your forgiveness. Even as you know the limits of our human capabilities, we know the unlimited power of your love. Forgive us, cleanse us, make us whole.

Old Testament Lesson:  I Samuel 3:1-10

Gospel Reading:  John 1:43-51

Call to Offering: 

Message:  Out of Nazareth

Another Thought on Today’s Scripture:

Pastoral Prayer: 

Closing Song:  Open the Eyes of My Heart

Dismissal with Blessing:

*Video Courtesy of Igniter Media